Thank you for your support of Trinity students through the Raymond Judd Student Emergency Fund. This site, which was created in response to supporting our students during the COVID-19 crisis, is no longer active. You can still support students and ensure the best and brightest can get back to campus this fall and support our newest Tigers at

Trinity University: How Can I Help?

Supporting Trinity Students   ___________________________   $87,751 raised through 419 gifts  

Trinity University: How Can I Help?

Now, more than ever, we appreciate how important it is to stand as OneTrinity. The outpouring of concern and offers of help from alumni, parents, staff, and professors have been remarkable. We understand that your lives are currently being pulled in many directions, so thank you for your sincere desire to help. 

Trinity University has already implemented strategies that will help the Trinity community. You can support these existing efforts. You can help by making a gift to:

  • The Raymond Judd Student Emergency Fund, named in honor of Chaplain Emeritus Rev. Raymond Judd ’56, helps to ensure that student support is available through the unexpected. Used for out of the ordinary and life-altering changes, the Fund has supported students through illness and access points for our students with financial needs. We will use your support to help students who, as a byproduct of necessary coronavirus precautions, will be challenged to afford and access necessary resources for remote learning, housing, transportation, basic needs or who will face other unforeseen personal difficulties. 100% of these funds will be available to our students to support them to graduation or the next step in their journey.

We anticipate that all gifts designated to the Raymond Judd Student Emergency Fund will be used during the current COVID-19 conditions, but in the case of any unused funds will be held over to support our students with any future needs.

  • The Trinity Fund serves all students and makes scholarships available immediately for the students who need them the most. Scholarships support the value of a Trinity degree and are Trinity’s area of greatest need. The Trinity Fund serves all students, and unlike endowments or restricted gifts, scholarships are available immediately for the students who need them the most. These funds will be critical to get our students back to campus. The Trinity Fund enables the University to build strong scholarship packages for our best and brightest students and ensures that they have access to the unique, experiential liberal arts education that Trinity provides.

You can get the latest information on campus operations and preventative measures for Coronavirus here.

If you would like to make a gift to another area on campus, you can do that here.